Bee-lieve in the magic of bees!

New to keeping bees? This is the right place. We have everything you need to get started and become part of this incredible hobby.

All of our starter kits come with an incredible bumper bundle that includes 7 essential items as well as a £50 voucher to spend on your next purchase from National Bee Supplies. So start your hobby from only £410 with a 10 year guarantee on your new fully assembled hive. The only thing you will need to get are the bees themselves and we can help there too. Our specifically bred, Devon bees and a really rare treat in the bee keeping world and perfect for those new to this fascinating hobby. For more information visit our live bees page.

Ten Year Guarantee on all Hives

The quality of timber and the true craftsmanship that goes into every item gives you a product that is unsurpassed.


£50 National Bee Supplies Gift Voucher!

£50 National Bee Supplies Gift Voucher! There are four basic components to a beehive. The Bottom Board, the Supers, the Frames and the Cover(s). Within those hive components there are many different options to choose from. Our £50 voucher is perfect to buy your next Super as your colony grows!

All In One Beekeeper Suit With Fencing hood

Our suits are made from hard wearing poly-cotton and generously sized to help prevent stings. Our all-in-one suits offer maximum protection and is available in white with a fencing hood. Don’t forget to tell us your suit size when ordering.

Worth £ 94.95

The BBKA Guide To Beekeeping

An introduction and guide to the complex subject of beekeeping. Relevant for both the novice or professional beekeeper, this book will be a valuable addition. Each chapter unveils a fascinating facts about bees, how-to guides, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Worth £18.99

Smoker and Fuel

Smoker with a guard, to help prevent burns from the hot barrel. It also has a handy hook so that you can hang the smoker on the hive whilst working. This small galvanised smoker is perfect for 1 – 4 hives and most importantly is bee-friendly. (Our kit includes smoker fuel cartridges too.)

Worth £ 30.75

Hive Tools

A well designed hive tool is an essential bit of kit for easy manipulation. Included in our kit is a broad steel scraper, used to pry apart propolis-sealed frames and boxes, along with a super soft horsehair type bee brush, to gently and harmlessly move bees out of the way.

Worth £ 17.45
Seed selection box

Honey For Sale Metal Sign

Includes a small metal wall sign that has been handcrafted in the UK with a unique design exclusive to us. 15 x 20 cm, fixings not included. 

Worth £ 6.95
Rapid Plastic Feeder 2.2 Litre

Rapid Plastic Feeder 2.2 Litre

Feeders are used to offer sugar syrup to your bees when the nectar flow is minimal or non-existent. They also provide a convenient way to medicate your bees should be need to. Our feeder is a sturdy 2.2 litre plastic tub with a convenient handle and well-fitting lid.

Worth £6.75

Leather Gloves

Beekeeping gloves are essential, and our leather gloves are tough, comfortable and hard-wearing. Available in sizes 7 to 12. Select your size of gloves when ordering.

Worth £15.95

Our WBC and National Hives are made with the finest Canadian Western Red Cedar

Your starter kit will be hand finished, assembled and quality control checked, then packed and protected by a member of our team. Delivery is fast by courier service. All you need to do is decide where to put your new hive.

Where do I get My Bees?

We are delighted to offer for sale a 5-frame nucleus of bees bred in beautiful Devon following the Buckfast Standards. These bees have been specifically bred from carefully selected queens, to be calm in nature and reluctant to swarm. Available to pick up from us, usually from mid-April onwards.

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