NBS Competitions

Just as bees provide us with fantastic produce, the opportunity to play an active role in our environment and a deep, wholesome satisfaction, we are passionate about giving back to the beekeeping community. National Bee Supplies’ competitions offer beekeepers of all experience levels the chance to get started in beekeeping, involved with exciting projects and of course, to win brilliant prizes along the way! From photography competitions, to free prize draws, we are passionate about spreading our appreciation for all thing’s ‘bee’ - and we are delighted to extend the invitation to all.

Photographer Of The Year 22

Calling all buzzing photographers! The National Bee Supplies Photographer of the Year competition (#nbspoty) is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the wonderful world of bees. Whether you’re an experienced lens-smith or a handy phonetographer, we want you to capture a snapshot of our fuzzy little friends. This year we have 8 photo categories and over £600 worth of fantastic prizes up for the taking!

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Win A Fully Assembled Hive 2022

Enter our prize draw to win this complete, fully assembled, WBC Hive. Made from the finest quality Canadian Western Red Cedar, this hive package includes; Varroa floor and legs, Lift with entrance porch and slides, Brood chamber with x11 DN4 frames and wired sterilised foundation, Wire queen excluder, 1x super with castellated spacers and x10 SN1 frames with wired sterilised foundation, Two lifts, Cover board with two porter bee escapes, Gabled roof. Before you enter, please read our terms and conditions.

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