Since 2017 we have been working extremely hard to become a part of the solution.
We’ve had solar panels installed, and switched to a renewables electricity supplier for the energy we are not able to generate ourselves. We have eliminated plastic from our packaging, including new, woven jute, bee suit bags and boxes now being sealed with paper rather than plastic tape (which makes them easier to recycle on your compost heap or as mulch in your garden too!). We have drastically reduced the amount of paper we use, including printing fewer catalogues as customers choose to use our website instead.
We’ve been reducing our carbon output so much, that in 2021 we were independently assessed to be operating on a carbon negative basis! 

What is the Plant a Tree Scheme?

For the last 3 years we have been busy transforming 25 acres of Devon countryside into a nature haven to increase species diversity and carbon sequestration.
Each year we are planting a ‘mini-forest’, a concept first devised by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, that has been gaining popularity throughout the world. The Mini-Forest concept involves dense planting of a myriad of native tree and shrub species which research has shown can accelerate tree growth and increase biodiversity.

How can you help?

With our Plant a Tree Scheme we will ‘donate’ trees on your behalf to this year’s mini-forest based on how you choose to spend your money.
We’ll plant 1 tree for every Brood or Super Chamber sold; 1 tree for every 100 Frames sold; and 3 trees for every Cedar Hive you buy! 
So far, thanks entirely to all of you, we have planted over 5000 trees! This year, we want to plant our biggest mini-forest to date.