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Whether you’re looking for information, ready to take your first step into beekeeping or stocking up for the season - you’re in the right place. Our full range of hives, accessories and clothing is perfect for Beekeepers of all experience levels.

beekeeping starter kits

Beekeeping Starter Kits

Welcome to the world of beekeeping! View our complete range of beekeeping starter kits & watch your new colony take flight.

beehive frames and foundation

Frames and Foundation

At the heart of successful hives are strong beehive frames and foundations. Discover our handcrafted frames and sterilised foundation for use with all major hives

honey harvesting

Honey Harvesting

We have everything you need to harvest honey! Discover our uncapping equipment, quality honey extractors and a wide range of personalised honey labels.

BBKA Gift Shop

The BBKA Gift Shop

Find the perfect gifts for bee lovers in our BBKA gift shop. 5% of every purchase from our gift range is donated to the British Beekeeper's Association.

quality beehives for sale uk

Quality Beehives

We are the makers of the finest quality beehives in the UK. Our National, Commercial & WBC hives are crafted in Devon using Canadian Western Red Cedar.

beekeeping clothing

Beekeeping Clothing

We stock a range of quality beekeeping suits, jackets & gloves in a selection of sizes.

What Our Customers Say

"I was so happy with the way my first hive fitted together so smoothly and with the service I received, that over the years I have purchased not only for myself but for other beekeepers. Looking back on some of my oldest wood, it’s still in excellent condition.”

Eileen (Guernsey)

What Our Customers Say

"I've been beekeeping for many years in Cornwall and during this time have used many makes and types of bee hives. In my opinion NBS offer the best bee hives in terms of quality, craftsmanship and customer care."

Grant (Tintagel Honey Shop)


About honey

Brightening our breakfasts and sweetening our tea - we all know how delicious honey is. However, many of us might not be aware of quite how beneficial it is to our health as well as our taste buds! For useful information, how-to guides and more, visit our brand-new blog!

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Jar of honey

Useful properties of honey

Regulates metabolic processes

Increases immunity

Honey improves blood composition

Help to cope with insomnia

Gives energy to the body, restores strength

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