Upstairs Downstairs Hive Intrance Starter kit

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The Upstairs Downstairs Hive Intrance is a new innovation developed by beekeepers Filipe Salbany and Norman Guiver. This product rethinks the way our bees enter hives and better replicates what occurs in a naturally occurring hive.

The pack comes with 4 intrance baffles, 3 are fitted inside a brood box and 1 in a super box (cold way). 

The pack contains:

1 X Forstner drill bit

4 x Intrance baffles

4 x Ventilated Plugs

4x Solid Plugs

Screws, Instructions 


  • Designed to replicate a natural hive entrance
  • Allows for 360 degree defending of the entrance
  • Doesn’t let any pest over 7mm in (wasps, hornets, rodents, reptiles)
  • Foragers are able to deliver nectar directly to the super and brood boxes which can be run “cold way” whilst maintaining warmth within
  • Reduces energy expended by bees moving around the hive
  • Reduces draughts through the hive
  • Can treat for varroa without opening the hive
  • Reduces traffic through the brood box thus reducing swarming
  • Increased ventilation
  • Easy to block up to protect or move hive

If you already have a starter kit, please click this link to purchase a supplementary kit.

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