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Pack of 2 x 5 strips (total 10 strips). Varroa mite treatment strips containing 15 g thymol. Thymovar strips gradually release thymol into the hive which kills varroa mite without harming the honey bees. Approved for use in the UK by Veterinary medicine Directorate (VMD). Pack contains 2 sachets each with 5 strips, enough to treat up to 5 hives.


he product: Thymovar are cellulose sponge strips containing 15g Thymol, a natural plant oil. Thymol is toxic to varroa mite but not bees therefore kills the mite parasites without harming the bees.

  • Registered for use in UK with VMD
  • Solid sponge with integrated netting for stability
  • Easy to apply, simply lay strips within the hive

How to use:

Thymovar should be used after honey harvest.   

  1. Remove honey frames for harvest.
  2. Provide bees with enough food for the treatment duration of 4 weeks.
  3. Remove Thymovar strips from packaging, they can be broken in half for easier placement.
  4. Position strips within 4-10cm of the brood cells. Ensure there is 1-2 cm above the strips to allow for good evaporation. The number of strips to be applied will depend on the size of hive (see product label).
  5. Remove the strips after 3-4 weeks. Pause for 1 week to allow replenishing of food then start the second treatment.

Note: If temperatures are expected to be more than 30°C start with a lower dose and then complete the dose after 3-7 days.

Thymovar works with a delayed action, increased fall of Varroa will only be observed after 2 days of being placed in the hive. 

use June-Aug after Honey Harvest 

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