Queen Bees Bred in Devon

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Brand new for 2022! We now offer queen bees bred on the edge of Exmoor in Devon by our associate beekeeper Kasper. The open mated Buckfast breed queens have been selected over the last few years from Kasper’s most productive and gentle stock.

With a passion for nature and bees, Kasper owned his first few hives at 14 years old, and progressed to studying beekeeping for four years at college. After gaining his qualifications, Kasper worked as a commercial apiarist in Austria, Germany and Poland, putting his studies into practise before working as a head beekeeper in the UK, running an impressive 1,200 hives. Kasper shares his beekeeping expertise every month in our email newsletter.

Queens will be supplied marked with this year's colour (yellow for 2022) and will arrive in a queen travelling & introduction cage with a clear plastic sliding lid. In the cage will be some fondant and attendant workers.

Queens are available from the end of May to the end of August. All orders are to be made online by selecting your preferred week of delivery. 


Queens are posted on Monday’s 1st class. Delivery is £4.99.

We do not accept returns as we cannot re-sell returned queens.

A single queen cannot start a colony of bees. You will need a nucleus or a colony of bees to introduce your queen to. Introducing new queen to a nucleus or colony is never 100% successful. We are not responsible for your colony rejecting the queen or goes missing during the introduction stage.

We do not send our queens out of the UK.

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