Paua Shell Bee Necklace & Earrings

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Introducing our new range of unique Tide Jewellery. These beautiful designs all feature Paua shell, a sustainably sourced by-product from the farm fishing industry of New Zealand (it is never free-fished or dredged).

The shell is often referred to as the “sea opal” due to its striking blues, greens and fiery flashes of iridescent patterns that change as they catch the light. According to Maori practice, giving a beautiful Paua shell is considered extremely lucky and is believed to bring sensitivity, harmony and prosperity to the wearer.


Bee design Tide Jewellery inlaid Paua shell pendant, on trace chain. 18” chain with a brass base with rhodium plating. Pendant 33mm.


Size 25mm. Zinc alloy base with rhodium plating. 

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