Letterbox Beehive

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At National Bee Supplies we pride ourselves in crafting the highest quality cedar beehives.  We are known internationally for creating the best and most beautiful quintessential WBC hive.   In fact we smile every time a customer or trade show visitor looks at the hive and can't help stroke the perfect joinery and sanded finish.  

We have now produced this bee hive as a letterbox with a choice of a chrome or brass letterbox front.

The hive comes in 5 parts.  The floor, 3 lifts and a gabled roof.  The parts come fully assembled and will be delivered within two large boxes.  You will need to put these these 5 parts together with internal clips to join the 3 lifts.  

The Gabled roof is made with two galvanised steel metal sheets, cedar ridge piece and sides.  The metalwork is lined with ply.  The front has a cone bee escape to give that perfect beehive look. We have hinged the roof at the back and have added two piston hinges to aid opening and closing.  

There is no entrance at the floor, so this hive is not suitable for keeping bees.

The hive is made from Canadian Western Red Cedar, which is 100% FSC certified.  Known for its natural oils, this wood does not need painting.  However the wood will naturally silver over time.  If you wish to keep the rich cedar colour we recommend painting with UV clear paint prior to placing in the garden. (590494 UV Paint 750ml)


Dimensions (Approx.) - 66x63x91cm

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