Jacket with Fencing Hood

SKU: 591850

Colour: White
Sale price£74.95


The National Bee Supplies Jacket offers a dependable protective solution for Beekeeper's, regardless of hive numbers or experience. Featuring a full-length central zip, lightweight yet durable polycotton and elasticated thumb holds, the jacket comes into its own when a full suit isn't practical or necessary. The easy on and off design makes it perfect for Beekeeper's with limited movement or those looking for a protective solution to wear throughout the day.

This jacket is topped with a fencing style hood, attached via two overlapping zips, which provides great visibility and headspace. Furthermore, the zips enable you to lightly rest the hood on your shoulders when not in use, or fully detach it for easy laundering. We've also strengthened the wire rim, helping to keep the veil away from your face and safe from low branches.

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