Dosa-Laif Treatment Applicator

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Dosa-Laif is a simple and fast way to measure and administer oxalic acid-based treatments such as Api-Bioxal by trickling method.The container holds up to 600ml and the 'Dosa' hold up to 50ml. Main advantages: - The container of the dispenser is very large and is perfect for treating more hives with a single filling. The large bottle makes the dispenser stand stable;- It simplifies the measurement of the quantity of solution to be administered by hive or to add to a syrup;- When the bottle is turned upside down the liquid in the tank does not come out and the dosage is safe;- Constant drip without interruption, for a homogeneous distribution within the hive;- Wide outlet holes that allow dosing even more dense solutions;- It is durable, can be washed by hand with warm water and soap and reused over and over again. Made in Italy

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