Childrens Beekeeper's Suit with Round Hood

SKU: 592326

Colour: Beige
Sale price£69.95


Our new Beekeepers Suit has been designed and produced to the highest possible standard, inspired by tried and tested favourites and innovative new technology.Weve tweaked every element of our suit to offer unrivalled practicality, comfort and most importantly protection. The suit is made from a high quality polycotton which provides ample flexibility and security for the user. The tight weave is also very bee-friendly, allowing them to go about their business without the risk of their feet getting caught in the fabric.This suit is topped with a size-adjustable round hood, attached via two overlapping zips, which provides great visibility and headspace. Furthermore, the zips enable you to lightly rest the hood on your shoulders when not in use, or fully detach it for easy laundering. Weve also strengthened the wire rim, helping to keep the veil away from your face and safe from low branches.

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