Charm Tube Lure

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The best known and most efficient swarms lure. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we are sure that you will be well satisfied with the result you get from Bee Charm. This highly perfumed paste is almost entirely made up of the essences of strongly perfumed flowers which attract swarms to the decoy hive. Although not indispensable, it is a good idea to put one or two old combs in the decoy hive, as they will enhance your chances of success.

The decoy hives should be placed high up on a stable base. Make sure that they are in the shade during the hottest hours of the day to avoid sudden rises in temperature inside the hive. Lightly smear Bee Charm on a few frames and around the hive entrance of your decoy hives,

Renew every eight days.

Keeps well, preferably in a cool place

A 30g tube treats 10 decoy hives.

Warning: do not place your traps near  apiaries that do not belong to you.

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