Bee Address & Birthday Book - A5 Hardback

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Introducing an elegant and practical book designed to keep all your essential addresses and loved ones' birthdays organised in one convenient place. This stylish book features:

  • 128 Pages: With an ample number of pages, you'll have sufficient space to record all your important addresses and birthdays. Each page is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the necessary details.

  • A-Z Alphabet Tabs: The book includes alphabet tabs from A to Z, making it effortless to navigate through your address book. The alphabetical dividers allow for quick and easy access to specific contacts without the need to search through numerous pages.

  • Month by Month Birthday and Days to Remember Pages: Stay on top of birthdays and other significant dates throughout the year with the dedicated month-by-month pages. You can capture and organise birthdays, anniversaries, and other memorable events, ensuring you never miss an important celebration or milestone.

  • Satin Ribbon Marker: The book comes with a satin ribbon marker that serves as a practical tool for conveniently bookmarking pages. You can effortlessly mark the current month or frequently referenced pages, allowing you to easily return to your desired section without any hassle.

In summary, this stylish book offers a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, providing a centralised and elegant solution for organising your important addresses and loved ones' birthdays.

Printed using Vegetable inks.

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