14 x 12 Hoffman Frames with Seconds Top Bars - 50 14 x 12 N4 Flat Pack

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Structurally sound British Standard flat pack frames. Premium first quality side & bottom bars with second quality top bars. This promotion is only available for the National and WBC hives. Top bars are 7/8 wide, Hoffman self spacing sidebars are 1 3/8 wide at top tapering to 1 1/16 at the bottom. Two standard bottom bars. Available in pack size 10, 50 & 100. 

What exactly are seconds? Let us explain. Our craftsmen take huge pride in the quality of all our products and everything has to meet their exacting standards.  Sometimes a product they’ve made will be functionally perfect but have a small cosmetic fault and they have been putting these to one side.

As a result, we have built up a stock of ‘Cosmetic Second’ National/WBC Top Bars and we thought we should give you the chance of buying them in our frame packs.

The ‘imperfections’ in these can be quite tiny and it seems such a waste for them not to be used. The most common flaw is a slight blue tinge which is a natural colouration sometimes appearing during the drying process whilst some others may have a small knot in the underside of the frame bar.

All parts of the frame have been machine tooled to our usual exacting standards and just the top bars may have these slight cosmetic flaws which will not be noticed by the bees and will in no way affect their function. 

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