WBC Hive Starter Kit

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To order your starter kit, please contact 0344 326 2010.

Most beginners start with the National, the most popular hive here in the UK, and easy to expand. Although the double-walled WBC is also popular and looks more traditional. All of our hives are made from the finest quality Western Red Cedar.

Includes: Gabled Roof, Cover Board with 2 Porter Bee Escapes, Lift with Porch & Slides plus 2 Additional Lifts, Super with 10 SN1 Castellated Spacers and Wired Sterilised Foundation, Wire Queen Excluder, Brood Chamber with 11 DN4 Frames & Wired Sterilised Foundation, Varroa Floor with Legs, Mouse Guard.

Imperfections and knots are discarded, ensuring you receive a top quality product that will last for many years. Width 63.5cm x depth 71cm x height 94cm. Hive Starter Kit plus essentials. Fully assembled.

Included in your start kit:-

  • Assembled WBC Hive.
  • All in One white beekeepers suit with fencing hood.  Choose from size small to XXL
  • Leather gloves. Choose from size 7 to 12
  • The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping Book
  • A broad steel scraper hive tool
  • A horsehair bee brush
  • Plastic rapid feeder 2,2l
  • A small galvanised smoker and pack of 10 smoker cartridges
  • 6 packs of Suttons seeds in a collectable tin.  (Poached Egg Plant, Pollinator Mix, Predator mix, Borage, Sunflower Waooh and Lime Basil)
  • PLUS a £50 voucher to spend on your next order with us.

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