Bumble Bee gloves from Recycled Plastic

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Eco Style are endorsed by the organisation REPREVE, which certifies products made from recycled plastic.

We have matching scarves made from recycled plastic available.


The idea for Eco Style came when Angela, the founder, was on holiday in Greece visiting family.

A walk along the beach with her young daughter one morning showed her the amount of plastic that had been washed up and Angela began to think about what these wasted materials could become.

The technology to create yarn from recycled plastic was still in its infancy and was much more likely to be used to make utility products, such as lunch bags and rucksacks. To make scarves, the yarn would need to be very soft and feel luxurious to wear. The scarves also had to look beautiful, exclusively designed in London she wanted the range to have a wide appeal so everyone could get involved in the recycle, reuse, reduce culture that Angela feels so passionately about. Angela set to work, finding a factory willing to invest in the technology and her vision, which took over two years.

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