WBC Hive Kit 2x Supers

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The traditional double-walled British hive from the late 1800s, is perhaps the image most people conjure up when thinking of a hive. Takes the same frames as the National Hive. Hive can be purchased assembled or flat packed. 

Package includes; 

  • Varroa floor and legs
  • Lift with entrance porch and slides
  • Brood chamber with x11 DN4 frames and wired sterilised foundation 
  • Wire queen excluder
  • Two supers with castellated spacers and x20 SN1 frames with wired sterilised foundation
  • Two lifts
  • Cover board with two porter bee escapes 
  • Gabled roof

Links to instructions:

Gabled Roof WBC Lift WBC Super/Brood Chamber

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