UV Clear Paint 750ml

Image shows a 1/2 UV painted hive.

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Introducing our new range of hive paints by Thorndown, a British specialist paint manufacturer that creates technically excellent water-based eco paint products with virtually no VOC or odour. These paints are water repellent and provide long-lasting UV protection, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Our Canadian Western Red Cedar wood will last for many years without treatment, but it will take on a silvery appearance over time. For those who wish to preserve the glorious colours and grain patterns of the timber, our new translucent UV paint is the perfect choice.

Available in a 750ml tin.  One coat will cover approx. 7 to 9 cubic metres.  We recommend applying two coats for greater protection..

This water based paint is totally safe for bees. Treat the exterior of the hive only and ensure the wood is fully dry before introducing to the bees. Do not paint the landing board.

*The price of this product has increased since the print of our catalogue due to supplier price increases.

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