Woodland Garden Mix Seeds

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The Woodland Garden Mix contains 25 native species of wildflower including familiar favourites such as bluebell and ramsons. Designed to include species that will thrive in woodland-type areas. A beautiful woodland patch is ideal for a small garden or a north east corner where it is hard to get things to grow well.

These cheerful and tough flowers form an intrinsic part of a woodland ecosystem, offering a bouquet for insects when they need it most. This mix can thrive in low light levels and flower early in the year to capture the sun's energy. 

Area coverage is 1-2 square metres depending on how thickly sown. Flowers late May to early September.

Sowing period:  March - May

To prepare for sowing, clear the area of vegetation in advance and cultivate the top 5cm (2"). There is no need to dig too deep as doing so would also bring potentially unwanted weed seed to the surface. In an ideal world, allow any existing seed to germinate and kill/remove the seedlings. Rake over the area to create a fine tilth and sow the seeds lightly on the surface. Lightly rake or tread in the seed. Do not bury the seed too deep as it may hinder germination. Keep moist.

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