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Our Native British Wildflowers range has been developed from research conducted by Butterfly Conservation, BBKA, RSPB and the Woodland Trust.

A colourful alternative to lawns and borders. Collection contains five individual packets of wild flower seed (should any of the varieties stated be unavailable, we will substitute with another first class item) which gives a lovely selection of colour. Varieties included: Marigold Corn, Daisy Ox-eye, Pansy Wild, Scabious Field, Poppy Field.

Marigold Corn - Once common in our cornfields these bright yellow flowers are easily recognisable. Height 45-60cm (1½-2').Daisy Ox-eye - Also known as the Dog Daisy or Marguerite is one of the best loved wild flowers. Height 50cm (2').Pansy Wild - Very attractive, delicate and lightly fragrant flowers. Ideal for a sunny border. Height 30cm (12") tall.Scabious Field - Clusters of delicate pale bluish-purple flowers. Thrives in dry conditions. Height 60-75cm (2-2½').Poppy Field ;- One of the most popular and recognisable wild flowers growing to 30-60cm (1-2') tall. Attractive plants producing large heads of red flowers.

Growing information:

For Corn Marigold, Field Poppy and Scabious, sow seed directly into a well raked, moist, warm soil from late March to May, covering lightly. Thin resultant seedlings to their final spacings, as follows: Poppy 15cm (6"), Scabious 30cm (12"), Corn Marigold 10cm (4"). For Ox-eye Daisy and Pansy sow February-March under glass at about 15-20°C (60-68°F) and grow on before planting outside in late May/early June. Space the Pansy about 15cm (6") apart and the Ox-eye Daisy 25cm (10") apart. AFTERCARE - Maintain moisture in dry periods. All varieties except Scabious will flower from June to August. The Scabious will bloom later in the year August to October.

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