B.J. Sherriff Apiarist Full Suit

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Colour: White
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Please Note there is a 7-10 day delay on Blue suits.

With over 50 years protecting Beekeeper's around the world, the Apiarist offers strong overall security for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Lovingly dubbed the long-life suit due to its durable bee-friendly fabric and sturdy construction, the Apiarist has been known to last many years at the sharp end of beekeeping.

Produced with a fine weave, smooth finish polycotton which is both highly protective and robust, the smooth finish allows bees to rest and take off without getting their feet caught in fabric fibres. The integrated hood features B.J. Sherriff's unique ClearView veil, ensuring perfect visibility whilst remaining airy and non-claustrophobic. It can also be thrown back when not in use to lightly rest on the shoulders, or fully detached via B.J Sherriffs Twin-zip system for easy laundering.

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