Native British Wildflower Mix Seeds - Window Box

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Our Native British Wildflowers range has been developed from research conducted by Butterfly Conservation, BBKA, RSPB and the Woodland Trust.

This exclusive new mix has been specially developed for window boxes and smaller containers, with shorter species which don't grow too big so it's perfect for smaller containers.

Contains 20 species including forget-me-not, wild strawberries and wild pansy.

Flowers late May-September. Height 30-40cm (12-16").

Growing Information

Fill your chosen container with either compost or a mixture of topsoil and compost, then thinly scatter your seed on top. Do not bury the seed too deep as it may hinder germination. Water well and keep moist. Plants may need thinning out if sown too thickly and can be moved to other containers. If growing in the open, clear the area of vegetation in advance and cultivate the top 5cm (2"). There is no need to dig too deep as doing so would also bring potentially unwanted weed seed to the surface. Rake over the area to create a fine tilth and sow the seeds lightly on the surface. Lightly rake or tread in the seed. Do not bury the seed too deep as it may hinder germination. Keep moist.

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