National Upstairs Down Stairs Hive Kit Flat Roof 1x Super

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Introducing our brand new hive kit featuring the Upstairs Downstairs Intrance system, an innovation developed by beekeepers Filipe Salbany and Norman Guiver. The UD Intrance rethinks the way bees enter the hive and are designed to mimic the entrance bees would create in the wild.

The UD Intrance has many benefits, including:

  • It allows bees, drones and the queen to pass through but excludes mice and the large hive beetle.
  • It affords the bees two points at which to defend their hive, at the entrance and then inside where the entrance allows access to the hive.
  • The entrance can be used to administer atomised treatments without opening the hive.

Our National Upstairs Downstairs Hive Kit is made with premium Canadian Western Red Cedar and includes a 2 in 1 Solid Floor, Brood Chamber fitted with 3 Entrance Baffles, 3 Ventilated Plugs and 3 Solid Plugs. x12 DN4 frames and wired sterilised foundation, Wire
Queen excluder, Super fitted with 1 Entrance Baffle, 1 Ventilated Plug and 1 Solid Plug, 10 Slot Castellated Spacers and x10 SN1 Frames and Wired Sterilised Foundation, Cover board with Two Removable Porter Bee Escapes, Flat 4'' roof, and booklet.

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