Alyssum Seeds - Wandering Star Mix

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A superb mix of bright colours. For ground cover or baskets. An easy to grow, fragrant choice for edging. Flowers June-September. Height 30cm (12"). HA/HHA - Hardy annual/Half-hardy annual.

Growing Information

Sow April-May 6mm (¼") deep direct into finely raked, moist, warm soil where the plants are to flower and rake the seed in gently. Germination usually 7-14 days. For earlier flowering, sow February/March 3mm (1/8") deep in a tray of good quality compost and place on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at approximately 18-20°C (65-70°F) to germinate. Space seedlings to 5cm (2") apart and grow on. Plant out 20-30cm (8-12") apart in a sunny position end of May. Can also be sown in early autumn for early flowering next summer.

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